Baldwin Estates May Close Soon

Wilmington, NC – Leland Town Officials say Baldwin Estates trailer park must comply with a town code, face heavy fines, or close within 60 days. Baldwin Estates had planned to close in two years to make room for development.

Leland will levy daily fines of $50 per unit if the trailer park does not replace the septic tanks with sewer lines.

Park Manager Virginia Janelle says the park can't afford to pay the fines, and it can't afford to connect to the sewer lines either. She says residents need more time to find new affordable places to live.

What harm would it do? Would it harm the town in any way to extend the life of this park for a matter of months? 24 months, 18 months is not a long time. And it would give these people time to relocate to someplace else.

Janelle says the property owner is considering building some affordable housing units its place.

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