Art Show Infects Front Street

Take one empty storefront in downtown Wilmington, add lights, a coat of fresh paint, and a lot of youthful energy, and what you get is an unusual art show opening Saturday night on Front Street... It's called This is Viral. WHQR's Megan Williams examined the infection...

Wilmington, NC, April 7, 2006 – The creators of This is Viral call Saturday's one-night-only show their debutant ball, a public coming out party for a group which hopes to create more opportunities for the region's young and un-established artists. At the show's center is the husband-and-wife team of Alicia and Dustin Thacker, who explains that This is Viral refers to to both the art, and the business.

This is Viral presents [Zero One] Saturday, April 8, 2006, from 6pm to midnight at 116 N. Front Street. Learn more at our Cultural Calendar.

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