Amtrak Bus Service to Begin in Wilmington

Aug 8, 2012

Beginning this fall, Amtrak passengers will be bussed between Wilmington and the Wilson train station outside of Raleigh.  However, as WHQR’s Andrew Jarachovic reports, city Councilwoman Laura Padgett is pushing for the train carrier to provide more than just a curbside stop. 

The rail carrier is content with using a stop on 2nd street for its new bus service connecting the city with its East Coast line. But that is not acceptable to City Councilwoman Laura Padgett.

“It is not a source of pride in my opinion to the city of Wilmington that we have a major bus transfer just on 2nd Street downtown where there are no facilities.  There’s just a just a sign and a shelter.”  

Padgett says she wants to see Amtrak pay for the costs of sharing an existing WAVE facility.  The rail company rejected the idea, however, the Councilwoman plans to meet with Amtrak officials within the next few weeks to keep the proposal on the table.