2006 The Big Story: The Ports

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina Ports took the first major steps toward building a shipping terminal in Brunswick County this year. Our 2006 wrap-up looks at development of the new international port.

The Ports Authority purchased 600 acres of land near the mouth of the Cape Fear River earlier this year for $30 million.

Nearby residents have raised concerns ranging from increased traffic in Boiling Spring Lakes, to possible beach erosion on Bald Head Island.

North Carolina Ports CEO Tom Eagar says a number of state and federal agencies will study those concerns over the next two years.

Just the navigation channel, the port property itself, addressing environmental issues on the property, as well as highway and rail access, impact on the community, how those impacts can be mitigated.

The proposed port would handle nearly 2-million containers a year, four times more than the Port of Wilmington currently processes.

The billion-dollar facility would rival the Port of Charleston in size.