18th House District Race: Landfill Moratorium

Wilmington, NC – WHQR this week is asking candidates in two state house races five questions on some of the most pressing issues facing North Carolina. Today we're focusing on the 18th District House race and the one-year landfill moratorium.

Frankie Roberts

Republican Frankie Roberts stepped into the race with less than 100 days to campaign after his wife stepped out of the race for personal reasons. Born in Wilmington, Roberts runs a non-profit that finds homes and jobs for ex-offenders.

When asked what he thinks of the one-year landfill moratorium he says he supports it, and more specifically is against the proposed Sims-Hugo Neu landfill.

There are clean industries in which we can utilize where as we wouldn't have to allow industry like that to prey on certain communities.

Thomas Wright

Democrat Thomas Wright grew up in Wilmington and raised his family there.

He says he supports the landfill moratorium and is on a committee looking at whether landfill locations are linked to race.

And I want to understand clearly whether or not we need to continue the moratorium or whether or not we need to look at other alternatives for limiting these types of industries.

The 18the House District represents portions of New Hanover and Pender Counties.