18th House District Race: College Tuitions

Wilmington, NC – WHQR this week is asking candidates in two state house races five questions on some of the most pressing issues facing North Carolina. Looking at the 18th District House race WHQR's Catherine Welch asks the candidates about the rising cost of a college education.

Frankie Roberts

Republican Frankie Roberts stepped into the race with less than one hundred days to campaign after his wife stepped out of the race for personal reasons.

Born in Wilmington, Roberts runs a non-profit that finds homes and jobs for ex-offenders.

He says it's essential that all North Carolina's students get a college education.

Leveraging the process of making sure tuition is as low as possible, so that more people can access education because now you're going to need it in order to take care of your family.

Thomas Wright

Democrat Thomas Wright grew up in Wilmington and raised his family there.

He says the state needs to look at other alternatives before any tuition hike.

Because we don't believe that families should endure the hardships of having to pay for college tuitions when we certainly have always made sure that it was affordable in this great state .

The 18the House District represents portions of New Hanover and Pender Counties.