17th House District Race: Eminent Domain

Wilmington, NC – All this week WHQR is asking candidates in two state house races five questions on some of the most pressing issues facing North Carolina.

Focusing on the 17th District House race, we start this morning talking about eminent domain.

Allan Dameron

Democrat Allan Dameron is challenging Republican Bonner Stiller for the seat in the 17th District.

Dameron, a Brunswick County resident for the last 16 years, runs his own real estate company.

When asked if he supports a constitutional amendment banning eminent domain for the sake of economic development, Dameron says he has a problem with it.

There may be some instances when the greater good for all is served, but it would be rare circumstances before I could vote for that.

Bonner Stiller

Incumbent Stiller says he supports a constitutional amendment.

Wal-mart or somebody comes in and works with a local realtor and says let's get this property eminent domain, I want to take it away from these people so we can come in and build.

Stiller is a Southport native with his own law firm.

The 17th District in the state House represents most of Brunswick County.