17th House District Race: College Tuitions

Wilmington, NC – WHQR this week is asking candidates in two state house races five questions on some of the most pressing issues facing North Carolina. Looking at the 17th District House race WHQR's Catherine Welch asks the candidates about the rising cost of a college education.

Allan Dameron

Democrat Allan Dameron is a North Carolina native who worked his way through Guilford College working for the North Carolina prison system.

A realtor, he's lived in Brunswick County for the last 16 years.

When asked about making higher education affordable for all students Dameron says the state needs to look at a high education landscape that includes community colleges.

Not abandon the university system and its 16 campuses, but maybe redirect some of those funds to our community colleges.

Bonner Stiller

Republican Bonner Stiller is the incumbent who was born and raised in Southport. He taught high school before going back to law school and now has his own practice.

He says state colleges can make more money by raising out-of-state tuition.

They don't pay any taxes here, they didn't build the buildings, they're not paying for the teachers, they're not pumping all the money that us hard working folks are doing.

The 17th District in the state House represents roughly 2/3 of Brunswick County including along the coast.