17th House District Race: Building Roads

Wilmington, NC – WHQR this week is asking candidates in two state house races five questions on some of the most pressing issues facing North Carolina. Looking at the 17th District House race, WHQR asks the candidates about funding highway projects.

Allan Dameron

Democrat Allan Dameron is challenging Republican Bonner Stiller for the seat in the 17th District.

Dameron is a Brunswick County resident for the last 16 years and runs his own real estate company.

When asked about how where the D-O-T is going to fill a 65-billion dollar gap to fund road projects Dameron (DAM-ron) says North Carolina is going to have to look at what other states are doing to raise money and change the way it does business.

If we can shorten the permit process from nine and ten years down to three years like the state of Texas has done, then that would make a tremendous savings on inflation and save us additional money.

Bonner Stiller

Incumbent Bonner Stiller says lawmakers need to quit taking money out of the Highway Trust Fund.

We've got to buy something for everybody and then you find out you've got shortfalls so you reach over into the highway fund and you take their money. And that's not what the intent of the Highway Fund is for, and it's gotta stop.

Stiller is a Southport native with his own law firm. The 17th District in the state House represents most of Brunswick County.