Pieced Together by Elizabeth Singletary and Robert Salemme

In the MC Erny Gallery - Pieced Together by Elizabeth Singletary and Robert Salemme

Opening Fourth Friday Reception: Friday, May 22, 6-9 PM 

Closing Fourth Friday Reception: Friday, June 26, 6-9 PM

This show will close on July 10.

Regular MC Erny Gallery Viewing Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am - 4pm

About the Artist:

Elizabeth Singletary: is a collage artist who describes her style of art as "painting with paper." She tears pieces of magazine and glues them onto canvas. This is her second show at WHQR, the previous being her first art show. She was chosen as the featured artist for the North Carolina Azalea Festival in 2013. Her interpretation of azaleas and butterflies became the official festival poster for which she received a bronze medal in an international competition. The print was the first ever to sell out in the festival's 65 year history. Elizabeth was a 2014 WILMA Magazine's "Women to Watch" finalist. She was also voted "Best Local Artist" in 2015 by Encore Magazine's Best of Wilmington. She is excited to have another show at WHQR, "The staff and volunteers at WHQR make any artist feel like a welcomed one. I am grateful to show my work in such a wonderful place."  

Robert Salemme: has been creating works of art for over 50 years in a variety of media including steel, wood, paint and most recently, textiles. Regardless of the medium, his approach has remained consistent: he is interested in assembling found or discarded objects into aesthetically pleasing pieces. In his earlier works of welded sculpture, Salemme referred back to his apprenticeship in his father's blacksmith shop. In this most recent work, he pays tribute to his grandparents and immigrants to the US who worked as stitchers in the garment industry in Boston. Salemme's works are intended to be viewed as a whole, rather than dissected into their components. Once a work has been completed, it is the gestalt that is important and the individual components cease to be relevant.

About the Gallery:

MC Erny was a devoted friend of WHQR from its earliest days. An accomplished actress and great party host, she was always generous with her time, financial support, and affection for the staff. She worked as a supervisor during many fundraisers and was a weekly presence at the front desk. MC was kind, gracious, elegant, witty and fun to be with. Our gallery space has been named in her honor.

The MC Erny Gallery is located in WHQR's studio in The Warwick Building at 254 N. Front Street, downtown Wilmington. Call WHQR at (910) 343-1640 for more information. The Gallery is open Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm and during Fourth Friday Receptions