Shane Fernando


Shane Fernando grew up in Wilmington, NC, being an avid WHQR listener during his childhood during the station's first years.  He also served as WHQR's first intern.  After graduation from UNCW in 2000, where he spearheaded the project and fundraising for the UNCW Millennium Clock Tower, he moved to Washington, DC to work in the U.S. Senate.  In 2005, Shane returned to Wilmington, receiving his master's degree in Public Administration.

He currently serves as Director of Campus Life Arts & Programs/UNCW Presents, Chief Curator of the Boseman Gallery and teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at UNCW.  Shane serves as President of the Board of Trustees for Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, is an actor, property master and set designer for our local theatre community, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and is a backyard beekeeper in historic downtown Wilmington.

Winter Bees

Nov 23, 2009

"This Thursday when you are gathered with those special to you... think of the honey bees, doing the same, gathered close together, warm in their hives..."

What does our honey producing friend, the honeybee, do over the winter? Does she sleep? Does she perish in the cold or does she fly down to Florida for a few months? Beekeeper and commentator Shane Fernando gives us a peak into the secret winter life of the honey bee.

Olive Oil

Nov 10, 2009

"At one olive grove that began at the coast and spanned inland, we saw thousands of beautiful olive trees, each tree oddly perched on a very large, knarled tree stump."

Sights, sounds and tastes constantly stoke memories of good times and good people.

Ancient Sands

Oct 27, 2009

"With the much-needed restoration of the historic Thalian Hall auditorium, the seating, flooring and joists of the main hall have been completely removed, exposing the ancient hill of sand on which the building perches."

Wilmington, NC – Sand, sand, sand. We deal with it every day living in our coastal region and have numerous associations from its existence in our lives.

"The history of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to an explorer who had been trying to find a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean, Martin Frobisher. His Thanksgiving celebration was held in 1578 in Newfoundland, after he and his crew arrived safely from their long exploration back to charted territory."

Wilmington, NC – Shane discusses how a borrowed tradition has evolved, paying tribute to close friends, as well as to our northerly neighbors.


Sep 15, 2009

"A coat really isn't gray, a car isn't red and skin color really isn't brown, flesh, or olive toned. Everything in our world is simply our own perception of the reflection of light from our universe."

Wilmington, NC – This past weekend, I let my imagination take control, introducing playfulness to my afternoon.

Prop Master

Aug 31, 2009

"What I enjoy best as prop master is being able to transport others to various times and places... the audience as well as the actors."

Wilmington, NC – The magic of the theatre can be brought about by hands many in the audience never see.

Hasankeyf, Turkey

Aug 3, 2009

"A modernization project on the Tigris, the Ilisu Dam a few years from completion will flood this city with its reservoir...I began to think of home [in] southeastern NC and all that we have lost."

Wilmington, NC – Speaking of summer travels to Turkey, commentator Shane Fernando talks about how some events from faraway places can bring his thoughts right back home again.

Mount Nemrut

Jul 7, 2009

"The Euphrates River below glistened like diamonds... the rich blue of its water, rivaling Caribbean seas. Everyone sang out in joy and applauded."

Wilmington, NC – This week, commentator Shane Fernando, speaking of recent travels to Turkey, discusses how some events gain meaning when experienced as a community.


Jun 23, 2009

"In (Turkish) bazaars, roadsides, even caves and deserts, all one has to do is call out "Cay!" for the beverage is always within shouting distance."

Wilmington, NC – Shane Fernando, returning from recent travels to Turkey, talks about the country's most iconic symbol of hospitality and mutual understanding.

Vaseline Glass

Jun 8, 2009

"Vaseline glass is a type of glass which began to be produced in the 1830's by artisans. It is a type of glass traditionally with a yellow or pale green color."

Wilmington, NC – Shane Fernando is curator of the Boseman Gallery at UNCW.