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Shane Fernando grew up in Wilmington, NC, being an avid WHQR listener during his childhood during the station's first years.  He also served as WHQR's first intern.  After graduation from UNCW in 2000, where he spearheaded the project and fundraising for the UNCW Millennium Clock Tower, he moved to Washington, DC to work in the U.S. Senate.  In 2005, Shane returned to Wilmington, receiving his master's degree in Public Administration.

He currently serves as Director of Campus Life Arts & Programs/UNCW Presents, Chief Curator of the Boseman Gallery and teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at UNCW.  Shane serves as President of the Board of Trustees for Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, is an actor, property master and set designer for our local theatre community, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and is a backyard beekeeper in historic downtown Wilmington.

Bill Gracey / Flickr Commons

When Commentator Shane Fernando was a kid, this area of Southeastern North Carolina was far less populated, and popular. 

Jennuine Captures / Flickr Commons

Though a great painter and supporter of the arts, the late Claude Howell is remembered for more than his talents. 

Flashing Lights

Mar 6, 2012

Taking a late-night walk on the Cape Cod coast, Shane Fernando is held captive by a land-bound siren.

My Smoky Valentine

Feb 14, 2012
Younhee Jeong / Flickr Commons

On a Valentine's day some years ago, Shane Fernando had finally found the perfect gift. But he wasn't looking to woo a new infatuation; he already had a partner. A volunteer at a retirement home, he was searching for a way to bring one lonely smoker in out of the cold and spread some true love on Valentine's Day.

sarflondondunc / Flickr Commons

There's more to the old practice of wishing someone "Break a leg" before a live performance than you might think.

Leaving Nigel

Dec 13, 2011
hkase / Flickr Commons

Leaving work one evening in Washington D.C., Shane Fernando thought the most he had to look forward to was a warm meal and a comfortable chair.

magnuscanis / Flickr Commons

For Shane Fernando, the magic of Christmas does not stop at egg nog, logs crackling in the fireplace, and gifts under the tree.

Corn Maze

Nov 15, 2011
mrsdkrebs / Flickr Commons

Taken with the beauty of autumn, commentator Shane Fernando does not go the usual route of pumpkin picking or hay rides.

The Maco Light

Nov 1, 2011
By Josh Bluntschli / Wiki Commons

Following a long-standing New Hanover High School tradition, commentator Shane Fernando and six of his friends  headed out...

9/11 at the Capitol

Sep 6, 2011

"I rode up the escalator from the metro underworld..."

Wilmington NC –

Shane Fernando is curator of the Boseman Gallery at UNCW. He lives in historic downtown Wilmington.