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Nan Graham has deep roots in Alabama and Carolina soil. She graduated from Tuscaloosa High School and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she graduated with an AB in English. She obtained her Masters degree from The Citadel in Charleston. In 1995 Nan began broadcasting her bi- weekly commentaries on WHQR Public Radio in Wilmington. She continues these bi-weekly broadcasts along with teaching at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the Honors College. She has taught for thirty-eight years...everything from first grade to graduate level university courses...(the last is far easier than first grade!).

A lifelong Southerner, Nan Graham's spirited view of her cock-eyed family and friends has delighted public radio listeners for years. Nan's second book, In a Magnolia Minute...Secrets of a Late Bloomer as well as her first, Turn South at the Next Magnolia: Directions from a Life-long Southerner, were both on the SEBA (Southeastern Booksellers' Association) bestseller list. The books are compilations of her best and most popular radio commentaries which have been broadcast continuously since January 1995.

Nan is presently working on her third book of commentaries and a novel set in post WWII Wilmington.

You can visit her website at

Commentator Nan Graham has vivid memories of her mother's Christmastime creations.

In commentator Nan Graham's home at Christmastime, the mantelpiece became a little wintertime world unto itself.


Dec 6, 2007

Pareidolial! What the heck does that mean, you ask? Nan Graham knows, and the only way to find out is by listening to her new commentary.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham is the author of several books, including "In a Magnolia Minute," a collection of her WHQR commentaries. Her website is

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2007
Sarah Josephus Hale

Nan Graham gives us some background on the origins of Thanksgiving.

Wilmington, NC – Thanksgiving wasn't recognized as a national holiday until President Lincoln declared it so in 1863. But the person actually responsible was Sarah Josephus Hale, the author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Commentator Nan Graham has a personal connection to October, being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Wilmington, NC – October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is great to see all the articles and programs about breast cancer. It is a disease which flew under the radar for years, only whispered about or not spoken of at all, says Nan Graham.

I Do!

Sep 27, 2007

The latest from commentator Nan Graham.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham loves a century old essay she heard at a wedding brunch. It reflects the changing world of matrimony! The subject? Husbands, of course!


Aug 30, 2007

When a star falls from the sky, Nan Graham is there to catch it.

These things do seem to happen in the South. In 1940 a rather large meteorite fell and bashed a mailbox in Claxton, Georgia. Nan Graham wonders if it really was a case of an infamous Claxton fruitcake hurled from a passing car...

Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

Aug 16, 2007

Elvis died 30 years ago, August 16th. Nan Graham looks back.

Wilmington, NC – In memory of Elvis, commentator Nan Graham recalls a visit to the OTHER Graceland, Graceland Too.

nan graham commentary

Aug 3, 2007

Today our commentator Nan Graham renews her acquaintance with a prehistoric fruit.

In her recent trip home to Alabama, commentator Nan Graham had a rather sticky encounter with the very odd osage orange.

Alabama It Girl

Jul 5, 2007

Nan Graham has always wished to be a 1920's flapper.

Commentator Nan Graham has always had a not-so-secret yen to be a 1920's flapper. An "It" girl...

Ads for the Elderly

Jun 21, 2007

You think you've got spam issues? Wait until you hit "senior" status.

Wilmington, NC – Commentator Nan Graham talks about some of the ridiculous ads she's been subjected to since becoming a "senior citizen."