MK Cope

MK Cope is an avid public radio listener.  Having lived and worked internationally for many years, she has listened to public radio stations throughout the world and knows that radio can make a meaningful difference to individuals and their communities.  She brings a broad understanding to the role of public radio in informing, educating, entertaining and even life-saving, for its many different audiences.

Recently relocated to Wilmington, MK is discovering the richness of opportunity in this region.   Her passion, at home and abroad, is working with individuals and organizations to develop their capacity for local sustainability.  She continues her work as program design consultant, primarily for organizations doing work in Sub Saharan Africa.  Her strategic focus, abroad and at home, is the development of meaningful and sustainable activities objectives based on the integration of socio-economic factors in the overall context of local capacity, economic growth and public health through public/private partnership.    She is a co-founder of BizAIDS/Africa, a microenterprise program providing simple business/health/succession skills which enable the very small businesses to navigate the challenges of HIV/AIDS in the community.

Previous, MK served as the Vice President/Africa for the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), an international not-for-profit organization that places advisors and volunteers on assignments throughout the developing world.   She believes strongly in building local communities together.