Cleve Callison

Station Manager

Cleve Callison has been WHQR's station manager since September 2010. He is the former general manager of WMUB Public Radio, the NPR station at Miami University in Oxford. Prior to that he was station manager of WFDD Public Radio at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

In Ohio, Cleve also served as the executive director of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, a nonprofit working with houses of worship on energy efficiency and conservation projects. He worked on marketing communications projects for Miami University's School of Education, Health and Society, and taught public speaking at Miami's Hamilton campus.

Cleve describes himself as a boat person from academia. He moved over to public radio after four years of classroom teaching. He loves to work in public radio, to listen to it, and to be around people for whom public radio matters. "It's the best kind of teaching," he says. "It's life-long learning." Rarely having been able to teach his primary field (10th century English sermons), later in life he discovered adult education classes, where he has taught Anglo-Saxon England, History of the English Language, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Faulkner (notice kind of a progression here?) and Reading Poetry. He makes occasional contributions to his personal blog and his Twitter account (@clevecallison).

Cleve has a bachelor's degree in English from Duke, and a Master's and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. His greatest claim to fame is that he once appeared on Jeopardy!, where he won a washer-dryer, a Hooked on Phonics set and a year's supply of flea powder.


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5:00 am
Fri February 14, 2014

Friday Feedback for February 14, 2014

Upper left of our web page

Last week it was comments about music, this week it’s the technology help desk.

Listeners Bob and Cathy wrote:

We are trying to listen to Smooth Landings and cannot get the station to live stream during that show or at any time. The Classical station comes in but not George. We miss Smooth Landings and George and his guest DJs. It’s the best 30 minutes of music on the radio, period!

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Severe Weather
4:06 pm
Tue February 11, 2014

WHQR Currently On Reduced Power

Credit Wikimedia Commons

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING: WHQR is now on low power as a result of antenna icing (see below). Listeners distant from our transmitter in Brunwick County may have reception problems. If possible, we encourage you to try our online stream, available in the upper left of this page. 

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Listeners share their views
7:27 am
Fri February 7, 2014

Friday Feedback for February 7, 2014

Suzanne Bona -- tonight at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 7:30 pm
Credit Bona

We often get comments about news topics here on Friday Feedback. In this past week, it seems as if near all were about our music. Abigail Lanier wrote:

I enjoy the quality programing on WHQR, but one of the things I always enjoy listening for is the music between programing. I like to try and pick out the music bed under WHQR's hosts while they're announcing the time or weather. Recently, I've been so excited to hear such composers like Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen… High-five to whomever selects such music!

Jennifer Thurston wrote:

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5:00 am
Fri January 31, 2014

Friday Feedback for January 31, 2014

Suzanne Bona, host of Sunday Baroque, will be in the area next weekend for a concert and brunch.

Listener Ashley enjoyed a recent film at Cinematique. She wrote to Mary Bradley, who oversees our participation in this joint venture with Thalian Hall:

Will you please run The Book Thief a few more days?! We missed it at the theatre and I wasn't able to go when you ran it.

Mary replied,

I wish we could, but we have films booked for all the available times this month and next.

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WHQR on reduced power
6:31 am
Wed January 29, 2014

Winter storm warning continues

254 North Front St., 6:35 am Wednesday

Wednesday morning, January 29, 2014: a Winter Storm Warning continues until 6:00 pm tonight. Some precipitation continues to fall. Travel is very hazardous. Stay off the roads if possible. WHQR is operating on reduced power this morning, caused by the ice storm that continues in coastal North Carolina.

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5:00 am
Fri January 24, 2014

Friday Feedback for January 24, 2014


A listener called this week about what he felt was incomplete reporting by NPR on a story. He then added:

You people ask for our contributions, and you seem to think that it’s easy for us to contact you. I had to look deep to get your telephone number. I want you to know that when you go online, you can’t get anything that says Contact or Feedback under NPR… there’s items in your stories that need to be questioned, and I would appreciate it if you made the effort to stop.

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3 days of music
7:00 am
Fri January 17, 2014

A Sunday Baroque Weekend

Suzanne Bona, Barbara McKenzie and Richard Goering after Friday night's concert

The concert Friday night was spectacular, and tickets for the Sunday brunch are no longer available. Great having Suzanne Bona with us for a Sunday Baroque Weekend.

with Suzanne Bona, host of public radio's Sunday Baroque

Friday, February 7: A BAROQUE VALENTINE - Tickets available at door!


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7:00 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Friday Feedback for January 17, 2014

Several listeners reacted to a recent criticism of This American Life for a story about using pig intestines as a substitute for calamari. The original comment had found that segment, shall we say, distasteful. Listener Matt wrote:

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Friday, Jan 24th, noon @ WHQR
6:25 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Cavani Quartet, live in the MC Erny Gallery

The Artist

Please join WHQR for a special classical broadcast, Live from the MC Erny Gallery. We welcome the Cavani String Quartet for their second string performance following last October's event. Don't miss this opportunity to experience an intimate classical performance at the WHQR studios, either live or in person. NOTE: attendance will be very limited. Please email us ASAP at the address below.

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5:00 am
Fri January 10, 2014

Friday Feedback for January 10, 2014

Credit Photobucket

Listener Nancy, a sustaining member, heard last Saturday’s This American Life show on using sliced pig intestines as imitation calamari. Nancy wrote:

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