Andy Wood


Andy Wood, a WHQR commentator since February 1987, is an ecologist and conservation educator with an affinity for ecosystem habitats in and around southeastern North Carolina, and the plants, wildlife, and people they support. A collection of Andy’s commentaries is collected into his first book, Backyard Carolina: Two Decades of Public Radio Commentary.


Monday Commentary
1:09 pm
Sun February 8, 2009

Earth Snake

"When not hiding under logs and other debris, earth snakes burrow amid leaf litter with the aid of their rather pointed snout."

A new trend is growing in communities across our nation with more and more people turning to gardening as a means to reduce food costs, and for some, home gardening can provide assurance of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. There are lessons a simple garden can offer.

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Monday Commentary
12:40 pm
Sun January 25, 2009

Rare Predators in the Snow

"Calling (the Venus' Fly Trap) rare is an understatement any time of year; but rarest indeed is a fly trap surrounded by snow."

Wilmington, NC – Snow is a rare treat in this part of the world, and it is a great excuse to wander around outdoors when cold temperatures might dictate otherwise.

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Monday Commentary
10:28 am
Sun January 11, 2009

Micro Moths

"I have long fancied the moths...their great diversity of color, size and shape, especially the tiniest among them, make for interesting observation and study."

Wilmington, NC – The wonders of nature come in all shapes and sizes.

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Monday Commentary
3:45 pm
Sun December 28, 2008

Signs of Spring

"I encourage each of us, if you have not already, to step outside and revel, as the wrens do, in this New Year splendor and promise."

Wilmington, NC – With much of our nation locked in the grip of wintry weather, commentator Andy Wood took a stroll in search of spring and found just what he was hoping for.

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Monday Commentary
2:28 pm
Sun December 14, 2008

Happy Solstice and Welcome Spring

"Many leading economists now see green as the new silver and gold and they envision an economic upswing resulting from new technologies that create chambers of commerce and employment, based on, of all things, efficiency."

Wilmington, NC – As 2008 draws to a close, commentator Andy Wood has a few thoughts to offer for 2009, and beyond.

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Monday Commentary
12:19 pm
Mon November 17, 2008

Monster of the Pond

The Giant Water Bug

"(The Giant Water Bug)...stabs, then injects its victim with venomous saliva that liquefies muscle and organs that the bug later sucks out, as if its prey were little more than a "slurpy."

Wilmington, NC – Soon after a drenching rain last week, commentator Andy Wood wandered down to see what the rain added to a small pond he dug on his property last winter that he hopes will serve as a nursery for a rare amphibian called the Carolina gopher frog.

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Monday Commentary
2:23 pm
Mon November 3, 2008

Indian Pipe

"Indian pipe bears a striking resemblance to a 16th century smoker's clay pipe."

Andy Wood advises that when shaping the communities of the 21st century, our elected officials should look no further than the pipe.

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Monday Commentary
3:21 pm
Sun September 7, 2008

The Time to Conserve Energy is NOW

"Making fun of changing light bulbs from incandescent to fluorescent, or keeping car tires properly inflated, is not helpful and is actually damaging to our economy."

Wilmington, NC – Commentator Andy Wood is education curator for Audubon North Carolina and author of "Backyard Carolina," a collection of his WHQR commentaries.

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Monday Commentary
12:53 pm
Mon August 11, 2008

Fierce Little Guy

Eastern Kingbird

"Kingbirds are quick to harass other birds entering their domain and will pursue all comers including hawks and crows."

Wilmington, NC – Andy Wood was outside of his home taking a walk when he was witness to a natural occurrence that offers a life lesson.

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Monday Commentary
3:55 pm
Mon July 28, 2008

Snake Lizards!

"It was a snake-like, nearly two foot long lizard, known variously as a legless, or glass lizard; legless because this reptile has no legs and the moniker glass refers to this lizard's ability to break away its long fragile tail in order to escape a clutching predator such as a hawk or fox."

Wilmington, NC – Commentator Andy Wood was working at home when his concentration was broken by a pleasant surprise.

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