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President Obama spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep.

Steve Inskeep: You've been told, I think, that we are doing a documentary. We went across a good part of the country to places where you have given speeches over the years to just talk with people about how their lives have changed.

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Suki Kim spent 10 years researching and visiting North Korea. In 2011, she spent six months teaching at a university in Pyongyang — and working undercover as a journalist.

During that time, Kim secretly documented the lives of 270 of North Korea's elite — young men who were being groomed as the country's future leaders — at the center of the country's regime change.

Editors' note: It's Invisibilia bonus time! Sometimes we've got more wonderful stories than we can fit into the Invisibilia show and podcast. But we can't let them go. This story is being heard exclusively on NPR's Morning Edition.

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Worried about airport security lines this weekend?

7 hours ago
Reema Khrais

Travelers have been facing pesky security lines at the airport. One reason why? 

“It’s simple math. You have more people flying and you have actually slightly fewer screeners now than you had a year earlier,” said Seth Kaplan, an analyst with Airline Weekly.  

Air travel this summer is predicted to reach an all-time high with about 2.5 million people flying a day. To help accommodate all of those people, the Transportation Security Administration  is making some short-term fixes, Kaplan said.

At the center of Geel, a charming Belgian town less than an hour's drive from of Antwerp, is a church dedicated to Dymphna, a saint believed to have the power to cure mental disorders. It's a medieval church with stone arches, spires and a half-built bell tower, and it has inspired an unusual centuries-old practice: For over 700 years, residents of Geel have been accepting people with mental disorders, often very severe mental disorders, into their homes and caring for them.

Greg Echlin

The nickname for New York’s old Yankee Stadium is “The House That Ruth Built.” That’s how much Babe Ruth mattered in the Bronx during the 1920s. Today, Oklahoma City has that feeling about its star basketball player Kevin Durant.  

The look of the downtown area has dramatically changed since the Oklahoma City Thunder — with Durant — moved from Seattle eight years ago. The city is bracing itself for a decision by Durant that could shake things up. As of Friday he's a free agent — although the city is praying he'll choose to stay.