Wilmington, NC – Newly elected Chairman of the Lumbee Tribe Purnell Swett says his first order-of-business will be to hire a tribe administrator. A tribe administrator is much like a municipal administrator, and the Lumbees haven't had one in three years.

Swett says another item on his agenda is gaining full federal recognition for the Lumbee tribe, though he avoided being specific when it came to strategies.

Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County Commissioners are scheduled Tuesday to go over proposals sent in by private companies seeking to take over the county's landfill.

For more than a year, commissioners have been trying to figure out whether they should hang on to their landfill and waste-to-energy facility or out source its management to private industry.

Wimington, NC – Today is last day of National Influenza Vaccination Week. But don't worry if you haven't gotten your free flu shot, the New Hanover County Health Department says there is plenty of the vaccine for everyone.

Janet McCumbee, Nursing Director at the New Hanover County Health Department says they have given a record number of vaccines this year, more than thirty-thousand compared to only 10,000 a few years ago.

Rivenbark's mower.

Wilmington, NC – In North Carolina there are sixteen hundred recognized century farms, meaning farms that have been in one family for more than a hundred years. Many of them are no longer farmed on, and are at risk of being sold off or developed. WHQR caught up with Pender County Commissioner F.D. Rivenbark on his farm, one he says, is still going strong.

Wilmington, NC – Today in the Cafe: Jemila Ericson talks with Kathryn Martin, playwright and director, about Dessert Theater. It's every Friday at 2pm at the NHC Senior Center.

Wilmington, NC – Thousands of Marines and Soldiers are leaving North Carolina and heading to Haiti to help with the rescue effort.

Some 2,200 Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune along with three amphibious ships and a helicopter squadron are heading to Haiti. They'll provide medical support and help with water purification.

The Army is sending 3,500 soldiers out of Ft. Bragg. Maj. Angela Funaro is with the 18th Airborne. She says it's a humanitarian mission that could also include security.

Wilmington, NC – There are now five candidates vying for two open seats on the New Hanover County Commission.

Napier Fuller and Deborah Butler have joined three others. Fuller is the third Republican and Butler is the second Democrat to throw in a bid.

Fuller is a commercial real estate broker in the area. He says one issue that crosses party lines is the proposed Titan cement plant.

The county's WASTEC facility is just one part of the landfill operation up for bid.

Wilmington, NC – All this month, WHQR News is talking with experts in a variety of fields, looking for a glimpse into what this new year will bring to the region.

Landfills are a hot commodity in North Carolina, where it's increasingly more difficult ot build a new one.

Wilmington, NC – State Farm is dropping coverage for homeowners on North Carolina's barrier islands.

The insurance company says notices will go out to its roughly 1,600 customers this spring, alerting homeowners that policies expiring after May 1st will no longer be renewed.

North Carolina Department of Insurance Spokesperson Kristen Milam says State Farm warned the state about this last Friday.

Wilmington, NC – Today in the Cafe: Jemila Ericson talks with Ron McCord, of the Scottish Society of Wilmington, about the Robert Burns Supper and Celebration this Sat., Jan. 16 at 6:30pm at the Country Club of Landfall.

For more information visit: Scottish Society of Wilmington .