Wilmington, NC – Congressman Mike McIntyre awarded a Wilmington veteran of World War II the Bronze Star and POW medal along with seven others.

82-year-old Delmer Wells was holed up in a house in France waiting for supplies and ammunition when German forces shelled the house and captured him and nearly 50 others. The Private First Class was held from February to May of 1945.

His daughter-in-law worked with McIntyre's office to get him his nine medals more than 60 years after coming home.

Commentator David Hill recounts some of the perils of his children's Easter egg hunt.

04/04/07 – Commentator David Hill doesn't really love the traditional Easter egg hunt and tells us why.

Wilmington, NC – Travis Eggers thinks his new restaurant has the perfect location - tons of foot traffic and just blocks from the courthouse, Thalian Hall and Front Street, with thriving businesses all around.

Of course, that may be exactly what the last four restaurants that tried to make a go of it on this corner of Princess and Second streets thought, too.

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Wilmington, NC – After lengthily debate, the Wilmington City Council last night approved ten proposals that could become the basis for a Special Order of Consent with the state's Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The binding agreement would trade strict repair deadlines for regulatory flexibility, such as allowing the city to divert more sewage from the Southside to the Northside treatment plant, bypassing the troubled NEI sewer line.

Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has some do's and don'ts for pruning shrubbery.

04/03/07 – Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has some thoughts about when and how to prune shrubs.

Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County Commissioners Monday night voted unanimously to modify plans so a stretch of River Road can be moved farther away from the Cape Fear River.

Developer Newland Communities wants to move the road to make way for a massive riverfront community.

credit: NC House

Wilmington, NC – State Representative Thomas Wright says he may not be the best bookkeeper, but says he has always made corrections to any errors on his campaign finance report.

The comment is a response to a Star-News article reporting Wright's donor records fail to match election reports.

The article claims Wright's donor records fail to match election reports with more than 270 contributions unaccounted for, adding up to nearly $120,000 dollars.

Wilmington, NC – While the cooling real estate market has some local sellers biting their nails, others are turning to divine intervention to woo that 'sold' sign.

Divine intervention in this case comes in the form of a four-inch statue of Saint Joseph, patron saint of homesellers.

Local Christian stores say they've had trouble keeping his statue in stock over the last year. Especially since their national suppliers are often sold out as well.

A committee of arts patrons is joining with the city of Wilmington to promote the Cape Fear region as an arts and cultural destination.

Wilmington, NC – Local arts patrons want to replace 'beach' with 'Bach' when potential tourists think of Wilmington. And not just Bach; they're also hoping to conjure up images of art galleries, theatre performances, museum exhibits and more.

Wilmington, NC – State Representative Thomas Wright calls Friday's Star-News article quote, utterly ridiculous.

The article claims Wright's donor records fail to match election reports, with nearly $120,000 unaccounted for. The New Hanover County democrat says errors could have been made in the 15 years his campaign has filed reports, but says Friday's article is ammunition in an attack orchestrated by fellow democrats.