10:36 am
Mon February 20, 2006

Stories Care Forgot

A new book tries to tell the underground story of New Orleans, using an underground medium... WHQR'S Megan Williams sat down with the anthology's creator, Ethan Clark.

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Local Interest
11:02 am
Fri February 17, 2006

N.C. Community Colleges Give Back Funds

Wilmington, NC – The North Carolina Community College system controls funds earmarked for community colleges.

In a process called "reversion" the system calls back a certain percentage to help it make up shortfalls.

This fiscal year, all 58 community colleges have been asked to return 1% of their budget, and now they're being asked to return another .5%.

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10:17 am
Fri February 17, 2006

What's Next on the Stage

Wilmington's stages are at capacity this week, with Opera House Theatre Company and Big Dawg productions starting up new seasons and the Thalian Association halfway through theirs. To help you keep your playbills straight, WHQR's Megan Williams sat down with the men who responsible for what Cape Fear will see on stage this year.

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12:47 pm
Thu February 16, 2006

Act Four: Extra Time with the Artistic Directors

Hear Lou Criscoulo, Doug Krehbiel, and Tom Behm talk about how they select their directors, plan a season, and the interactions between the theatre companies.

Wilmington, NC, February 17, 2006 – Support for local arts and cultural programming comes from WHQR members, and Landfall Foundation, an organization of residents who support projects enhancing health, education and the arts in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties

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11:13 am
Wed February 15, 2006

Fleas and Minnie Pearle

Commentator Nan Graham has recently been to Nashville, but it was a trip in the 1950's that was really unforgettable.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham is our life long southerner with a new website at

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Monday Commentary
1:25 pm
Tue February 14, 2006

Drawing the Line in Memoir

American literary scandals are few and far between, but the flap over fabrications in James Frey's best-selling memoir A Million Little Pieces has echoed among writers and readers around the country. WHQR's Megan Williams looked into how the scandal has played out among local writers...

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3:27 pm
Mon February 13, 2006

Mother of All Grape Vines

To heck with Napa Valley, says commentator Ede Baldridge, who says the mother of all grape vines is right here in North Carolina.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge wriates about memorable people and places in southeastern North Carolina.

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10:47 am
Fri February 10, 2006

The Difficult Life of Undocumented Students

North Carolina is home to the fastest growing Latino population in the country, which creates new, and contentious issues for the state. A new documentary looks at the situation of undocumented high school students, who aren't eligible for in-state tuition in North Carolina's higher education system. WHQR's Megan Williams sat down with the film's director, UNCW Education Professor Maurice Martinez...

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1:47 pm
Thu February 9, 2006

Vienna Staatsopera

The celebration surrounding Mozart's birthday sent commentator Charles Boney thinking back to when he visited Vienna's opera house.

Wilmington, NC – Charles Boney and his family are happy to live in the historic district of downtown Wilmington.

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Monday Commentary
1:35 pm
Tue February 7, 2006

Exploring the Art in Art Therapy

Clay heads from the Carousel exhibit

The art world has long embraced works by untrained artists, calling it folk, primitive, or na?ve art. But two recent exhibits in Wilmington took that idea further, by exploring the intersection of art, and therapy. WHQR's Megan Williams recently visited both shows to learn more about the issues...

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