9:40 am
Sat April 1, 2006

Quartetto Gelato - Flavors on a Train

Cynthia Steljes
(c) Quartetto Gelato

The quirky ensemble, Gelato Quartetto plays at Thalian Hall this coming Sunday night at seven-thirty. And to whet your appetite, WHQR's General Manager Susan Dankel got the group's oboist, Cynthia Steljes the phone to learn more about their unique sound...

Wilmington, NC – Cynthia Steljes is the oboeist for Quartetto Gelato. Learn more about the group at their website.

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10:57 am
Thu March 30, 2006

Jazz Drummer Duffy Jackson

Drummer Duffy Jackson

UNCW's Jazz Festival gets underway today... This year's featured composer is drummer Duffy Jackson. Jackson would be famous enough in his own right, after all, he's made a career playing with the likes of Artie Shaw and Dizzie Gillespie... But he's also the son of legendary bassist, Chubby Jackson. Duffy Jackson recently got on the phone with WHQR's own jazz host, Gano Evans, to talk about everything from running afoul of Count Bassie to teaching the next generation of musicians...

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Local Interest
7:23 am
Thu March 30, 2006

Start Scratching -- NC Lottery Debuts

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Monday Commentary
9:01 am
Tue March 28, 2006

Treasuring Trash Trees

Britt Slattery, USFWS

There's little left of the "weedy" South commentator Nan Graham remembers. But she's always on the lookout for vanishing specimens in today's landscape of carefully-tended trees and manicured hedges... she loves her landscape on the wild side.

Wilmington, NC – Nan Graham, our life-long Southerner, has her own website at

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10:23 am
Mon March 27, 2006

Home to Dunn

Commentator Ede Baldridge sometimes gives the impression of having done everything... but this week she discovers a hidden jewel of the region, with the help of her maiden name...

Ede Baldridge brings us the people and places of Southeastern North Carolina every other Tuesday.

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9:19 am
Thu March 23, 2006

Literary Journals -- Small Readership, Bigger Impact

UNCW's Creative Writing department has just released the second issue of its literary magazine, Ecotone, and celebrates with a launch party tonight. WHQR's Megan Williams sat down with the journal's editor to talk about what the journal means to his department and the writers it publishes.

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Local Interest
1:17 am
Wed March 22, 2006

North Carolinians Should Prepare for Flu Pandemic

Wilmington, NC – U-S Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt says North Carolina will receive $2.5 million in federal funds to boost plans for pandemic flu preparedness.

Leavitt made the announcement at the state's first pandemic flu summit today in Raleigh. He says preparation on a state and local level is key to surviving a pandemic that could last up to a year.

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3:15 pm
Tue March 21, 2006

Arts Center Up For Grabs

The Community Arts Center

For the first time ever, there's competition to manage Wilmington's Community Arts Center, but the impact of who gets the contract could be felt far beyond the U-S-O building that houses it. WHQR's Megan Williams looked into it...

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Local Interest
4:45 am
Mon March 20, 2006

Spanking in North Carolina Schools

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina is among 21 states that allow paddling in schools, although many of the state's most populous counties have outlawed the practice.

The group spearheading a statewide ban, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, has stepped up its online campaign and intends to present legislation next fall.

According to PTVAE's North Carolina Coordinator, Peggy Dean, the legislature voted on a bill to study the situation last year.

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Local Interest
4:41 am
Mon March 20, 2006

Monday's With Claude: New Year's in Rome

Claude Howell wearing the North Carolina Award medal he received in 1985 for fine arts.
Courtesy: New Hanover Public Library

Wilmington, NC – Our series Mondays with Claude pulls out of the archive some of Claude Howell's most beloved commentaries along with reflections from the people who knew him best.

Born in 1915, Claude Howell was a Wilmington resident who lived most of his life in room #44 of the historic Carolina Apartments.

A painter who captured on canvas the light and life of North Carolina, Claude Howell was widely considered the Dean of North Carolina painting.

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