I’ve noticed a pattern in Friday Feedback lately, and perhaps you have too. Either lots of complaints (like two weeks ago), lots of praise (like last week), or else zero, zip, nada.

Did You Know emPowering Our Future is moving WHQR forward?

WHQR announces the station’s most transformative capital campaign ever: emPowering Our Future.

Michael Granberry won an Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Animation last year for his work on Amazon's children's program, Tumble Leaf.  


Here are a couple of thank-yous that really belong to NPR, but I thought our listeners might like to hear them. Listener Anne Van Slyke wrote:

Super Saturdays! With Zach Hanner

Mar 3, 2016

Super Saturday Fun Time! is a Saturday afternoon live variety show hosted by local actor, director, and musician Zach Hanner geared toward ages 4-10. Doors open at 3:00 pm at TheatreNow on the corner of 10th and Dock Streets in downtown Wilmington.

Voters are hearing plenty about this dramatic presidential campaign season.  Even locally, New Hanover County has its own mini-drama underway with a very public rift in the Republican Party and a fierce primary battle for three seats on the Board of Commission. 

But the Connect NC Bond has not enjoyed the same breadth of air time.  We’ll take a look at why even the news media seems to be playing catch-up. 

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Campbell Dodd

There are seven Republicans hoping to win one of three spots on the November ballot for New Hanover County Board of Commissioners.  One of those candidates, Campbell Dodd, is taking his second run at county office.  As this Wilmington-based real estate appraiser explains, he has his eye on bringing more industry to the region and quelling the very public divides on the Board. 

Care to sample some cannabis-infused honey? How about a stay at a Bud-and-Breakfast? This week, commentator Annie Gray Johnston explores our country's changing relationship with marijuana.

Chris Meek

Chris Meek, a history teacher with twenty years of experience in the classroom, is one of five Democrats in New Hanover County hoping to secure a spot for Board of Education on the November ballot.  On March 15th, voters will choose three candidates from each party to compete in the November election.