Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. These are the familiar opening words to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol , and these words also open a play called Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol , presented by Big Dawg Productions . When I discovered two (mostly) comic Wilmington actors were playing the lead roles, I thought the show would be a comedy. But Steve Vernon, playing Scrooge, and Randy Davis, playing Marley, explained that the show is (mostly) a drama. It's clear that both these actors are absolutely in love with this show. Listen above.

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A little more than a century ago, Jewish people around the world faced decisions that have proved critical in shaping the past century. On this edition of CoastLine, we look at those decisions through the eyes of two historians who are launching a lecture series in January at the Temple of Israel’s Reibman Center in Wilmington. Guests: Carole Fink , Humanities Distinguished Professor of History Emerita, The Ohio State University;
Professor of History Emerita, University of North...

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A federal court ruled earlier this year that two of North Carolina’s congressional districts, drawn in 2011, were unconstitutional because they were racially gerrymandered. That case is to be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court next week. Earlier this week in a separate ruling, a federal court ordered North Carolina to hold special legislative elections next year – for the state House and Senate – after 28 state districts are redrawn to comply with a gerrymandering ruling. All of those maps...

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Michael Granberry. Cullen Moss. Steve Vernon. Jason Hatfield....the list is at least 10 names long-the collection of actors in Wilmington, North Carolina who have played the part of Crumpet in David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries . This year, a new comedian/actor joins the club-Jamey Stone plays Crumpet for the Panache Theatre production. The script for Santaland Diaries doesn't change, but every performer brings something different to the stage. Jamey talks about how he's approaching this role...

Earlier this year, a federal court ruled deemed two of North Carolina’s Congressional districts unconstitutional due to racial gerrymandering. That case is to be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court next week. Duke University researchers have developed nonpartisan ways to draw districts and evaluate their fairness. After the 2012 elections, mathematics professor Jonathan Mattingly found it puzzling that while Democrats won just over half of the popular vote, they only won 4 out of 13 seats in...

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This weekend, Sea Notes Choral Society presents the It's Almost Christmas! concert at Odell Williamson Auditorium . About 120 singers perform both sacred and secular, traditional and unusual selections. The performance is free, but donations are accepted at the door. Listen to our conversation with concert Director Diane Huffman and Board President Jane Skubic above.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church presents its 4th Annual Coastal Carolina Christmas this Friday evening, December 2 at 7:00pm. The church choir performs selections from Handel's Messiah accompanied by an orchestra, while the Wilmington Boys Choir performs traditional carols. Following the concert, champagne and a collection of chocolate treats will be served in St. Paul's Parish Hall-the Sparkling Chocolate Reception .

On November 17th, The Awkward Silents played the MC Erny Gallery at WHQR. A self-described super group, the duo of Jim Ellis and Doug McFarland musically jump between genres and influences, at times a musical concoction of New Orleans piano, Upstate New York guitar and fly-over state vocal harmonies. Jim boasts years of playing in the Wilmington area with a number of groups and artists, both live and in the studio. Doug, despite his advanced years and sometimes youthful appearance, has been...

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The holidays find our cities drenched in holiday decor. While trends fade, holiday beauty is forever. Commentator Shane Fernando describes the attraction of the aluminum Christmas tree and provides some caution when decorating with such vibrancy.

Homemade Holiday Shorts returns for its 21 st Anniversary Year with an exciting slate of guests, wonderful holiday music and a delicious feast. For one evening each year in December, friends of WHQR gather in our MC Erny Gallery and around their radios at home to listen to holiday stories read live by a panel of entertaining guests. Our guests include wonderful radio legends, actors, writers and performers reading emotional and funny tales of the season. Homemade Holiday Shorts will begin at 6pm on Sunday, December 11 th .
Doors open: 5: 20pm . Reception: 7pm. Tickets are $35 each (includes the performance and reception) and can be purchased at All proceeds benefit WHQR. BUY TICKETS HERE . Purchase your tickets early as last year's event sold out. The event is broadcast live on WHQR 91.3fm at 6pm . The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR is located on the third floor of 254 N. Front Street in downtown Wilmington.