Sunshine Camp for Grieving Youth

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There is something comforting about the way people who work for Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center are not afraid to talk about death-you know, that thing that happens to everyone but we mostly don't want to talk about?  As we get older, we realize how it affects us when others pass away and come to grips with the inevitable journey we each will take.  

Listener Jonathan wrote:

I’m just 'shootin' you guys [some money] because I'm loving the night time music schedule. The Jazz has kept me from too much tv watching during the week, and Soup to Nuts, Smooth Landings etc have been so awesome lately too. Thanks for your sliver of sanity on a cluttered radio dial!!

Listen Yvonne wrote:

I found that by tuning my car radio to your music station while I was in Wilmington, I can still get it in/around Southport (smiley face).  I had been unable to tune into it from Southport.

Seven shark attacks in a month off the North Carolina coast – most of them causing serious injury – is record-breaking.  On the next CoastLine, we’ll talk with a researcher about shark habits, safety protocols, and whether you have anything to worry about the next time you head to the beach. 

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Please Touch the Art: Mail Art @ ACME

Jul 2, 2015
ACME Studios

Local artist Fritzi Huber curated a show called "If It Fits, Mail It" at ACME Studios downtown.  The show has one simple stipulation:  if the postal service would deliver the piece, it would be hung in the show.  Two-hundred pieces of art were mailed to ACME from 10 countries. 

The opening reception for this exhibit was at the end of June, but the exhibit is open until the third week in July.  The closing reception will be on Friday, July 17th. 

Wikimedia Commons

A man is in the hospital after yet another shark attack off the North Carolina coast just after noon on Wednesday.  The victim sustained multiple injuries.

Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that the great jazz singer and bandleader Cab Calloway has played Wilmington?

The Williston Alumni Association is celebrating the Wilmington school’s 100th anniversary. 

Learn Art at the CAM

Jun 30, 2015

Georgia Mastroeini is the director youth and family education at the Cameron Art Museum (CAM).  She joined us, along with instructor Sara Richter, to talk about opportunities for youth and adults to learn art skills and art history at the Museum.


Jun 30, 2015

Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler loves the classics, reading, and managing an independent bookstore in Downtown Wilmington. 

In honor of Independence Day, WHQR is hosting a patriotic special! A timely one-hour special, hosted by NPR's Scott Simon, that tells stories of American democracy at the local level. We listen in as people wrestle with issues alongside -- and in opposition to -- their neighbors. Segments in Upstate New York, North Carolina, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Alaska.