Memories of the Past by Bradley Carter and Jason Parker

In the MC Erny Gallery - Memories of the Past by Bradley Carter and Jason Parker

Opening Fourth Friday Reception: Friday, March 27 

Closing Fourth Friday Reception: Friday, April 24. 

This show will close on May 8.

Regular MC Erny Gallery Viewing Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am - 4pm

About the Artist:

Bradley Carter: is an award winning, international selling artist who grew up pursuing his passion for art in Virginia before moving to Wilmington, NC in 2007.  He predominantly works in the medium of painting, with a passion for abstract expressionism. His works also include collage and paint skins. Carter completed his BFA in painting and printmaking form Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002.  He is active in both local and national juried shows, curator of Abstract Expressionism, and currently has work in Eclipse at Blue Moon Gallery and Every Good Thing Artisan Gallery in Wilmington, NC. His work can also be seen in ABC's TV show "Secrets and Lies." 

Jason Parker: was born and spent most of his childhood in Charlotte, NC, but has spent the past 16 years in Wilmington. As an adolescent Parker was heavily influenced by skateboarding, early hip hop and punk rock. Always a doodler and sketch artist it was only a matter of time before his influences lead him to graffiti. Parker quickly fell in love with spray paint as a medium and spent many years working as a graffiti artist. Since the age of 15 Parker has been involved with various bands, which has given him the opportunity to make use of his artistic abilities by creating flyers, stickers and T-shirts for whatever project he was currently involved in. He also learned to cut stencils as a rudimentary form of screen printing. As he strayed away from graffiti, stencils soon became Parker's dominant form of artistic expression. Parker continues to create music and art influences every aspect of his life. Currently much of his work has combined spray paint stencils with water color or acrylic under painting. The graffiti and pop culture influence remain very evident in his work. Parker is constantly searching for new mediums, new methods, new influences and  new ways to inculcate creativity into his daily life. 

About the Gallery:

MC Erny was a devoted friend of WHQR from its earliest days. An accomplished actress and great party host, she was always generous with her time, financial support, and affection for the staff. She worked as a supervisor during many fundraisers and was a weekly presence at the front desk. MC was kind, gracious, elegant, witty and fun to be with. Our gallery space has been named in her honor.

The MC Erny Gallery is located in WHQR's studio in The Warwick Building at 254 N. Front Street, downtown Wilmington. Call WHQR at (910) 343-1640 for more information. The Gallery is open Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm and during Fourth Friday Receptions