“At Home And Abroad: Watercolors, Oils and Prints”

“At Home And Abroad: Watercolors, Oils and Prints” - Art by Virginia Wright-Frierson

Opening reception: Friday, October 28
Closing Reception: Friday, November 25
On display until: January 13, 2016. 

About “At Home And Abroad: Watercolors, Oils and Prints”:

Walk into the Saturday morning market in the piazza in Orvieto, Italy. See watercolors painted from life in the NC mountains, Umbrian and Tuscan hilltowns, and landscapes of Spain, France and Canada. Pick out some small linocuts, printed from cut blocks on a variety of fine papers. Virginia Wright-Frierson’s work is ALL INSPIRED BY THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF NATURE. “At Home And Abroad: Watercolors, Oils and Prints” features works in three different mediums from the last several years, from the tiniest prints to life-sized oils.

 About the Artist:

Virginia Wright-Frierson has always drawn, painted and written since she can remember. Her work has taken form in other media as well over the years, including glass and cement sculpture, children's books, collage, linocut, huge murals, tributes, teaching, and parenting. Currently, she is writing about past projects while exploring new ideas – and will always draw and paint and write as long as she can remember.

A portion of the proceeds from any sale of art benefits WHQR.