Closing Reception: Billy Cone Works at the MC Erny Gallery

"Billy Cone Works" -A Collection of Drawings, Paintings, and Photographs by Billy Cone

Opening Final Fourth Friday Reception: June 27, 6PM-9PM
Closing Fourth Friday Reception: July 25, 6PM-9PM
Regular gallery viewing hours:  Monday-Friday, 10AM - 4PM.

This show will close on Friday, August 8th

Join us on June 27th for the Opening Reception - meet Billy Cone, enjoy wine and light refreshments and view Billy Cone Works, a collection of Billy Cone's stunning artwork. Click the image above for a sample gallery of Cone's work.  Billy Cone Works has been curated by Beth Crookham.

About the Artist:

Billy Cone demonstrates with shadow and light the eternal beauty of great cities like Paris, Rome and London.  France’s most notable photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Lartigue and Atget continually inspire him. High contrast and a slight graininess add character and depth to Billy’s images, which often depict something timeless about a place, a person, or thing. He likes the idea that many of his works approach the quality of an etching or engraving which is a total turnaround from traditional photography ideals.

Often, when an image has the appearance of an antique, Billy feels he has accomplished his desired goal, that, and of course something evoking emotion in the viewer. The genre, if Billy’s photography needs to be categorized, would most likely be artistic color and black and white cityscapes, with or without people, architectural objects like statues from a traveler’s perspective, and portraits of women.

In 2007 Billy began drawing faces.  His first faces were Buddhas, because they have simple lines.  In seven years Billy has drawn over 1000 faces, mostly 18”X24” in size.  His line drawings are simple and reflect the emotion of his FEMME photo series.  Urged by his friends to paint the drawings, Billy put brushes to canvas and voila! 

Contemporary Art is his genre, a self-taught technique cultured through years of “seeing.”  Having been called “Matissesque” and “creatively unique” for their similarity to the works of modern artists, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, these fine works are undoubtedly investment pieces for the discriminating collector or the hip aesthetic who wants to make a statement in his or her home.

About the Gallery:

MC Erny was a devoted friend of WHQR from its earliest days. An accomplished actress and great party host, she was always generous with her time, financial support, and affection for the staff. She worked as a supervisor during many fundraisers and was a weekly presence at the front desk. MC was kind, gracious, elegant, witty and fun to be with. Our gallery space has been named in her honor.

The MC Erny Gallery is located in WHQR's studio in The Warwick Building at 254 N. Front Street, downtown Wilmington. Call WHQR at (910) 343-1640 for more information. The Gallery is open Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm and during Fourth Friday Receptions.