Communique: Commentator Nan Graham | Signs & Such

They are everywhere … Buy This! See That! We're bombarded with signs, but we often miss some of the most interesting ones, according to commentator Nan Graham.

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The most important things in life are sometimes the things we notice the least.

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An archive of transcripts of Catherine McCall's commentaries can be found at whqr.org/catherine%20mccall/archive.htm.

The motion toward a globalized economy has had a history of fits and starts. Last month was especially strained, as commentator Dennis Henderson explains.

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This week finds John being "intentional" about family connections.

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Remembering a man who overcame disability, and made the supreme sacrifice.

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Two good people. One bad relationship.

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A few months ago, I told of a beautiful marriage. Sid and Betty. She, who was paralyzed with a stroke. He, who loved her enough to bring her out of her bed and onto to visit dozens of countries after she said she would never walk again.

Today, a portrait of a divorce. Just as beautiful, in its own strange way.

She works at a local hospital. He in a local business.


George Scheibner speaks with author, Dr. Philip Furia, our guest at the next meeting of the WHQR / Star News Bookclub. Monday, October 27th at 5:30pm.

Wilmington NC – From an interview with WHQR's George Scheibner, in August 2003, UNCW Professor and author, Dr. Philip Furia shares never before heard stories of one of America's greatest songwriters, the legendary Johnny Mercer.

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A Sci-Fi Spoof of NPR.

Wilmington NC – From the creators of Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and The Splendid Table...

Comes the inspiration for GALACTIC PUBLIC RADIO!

What is the future of public radio? Find out as WHQR and ESP present this Sci-Fi satire of NPR's finest.

Through the miracle of the Time Wave Intercept for Radio Protocal (T.W.I.R.P.), ESP has recorded radio broadcasts originating in the year 3017.


Wally has noticed some things while walking his Basset Hound, Shakespeare.

Wilmington NC – [Click the LISTEN button to hear Wally's commentary.]

Shakespeare the Bassett leads me on walks around Wilmington at various times during the day.

When you're out dog walking you notice a lot of different things because your mind is free to roam. But there's one thing you almost always notice. Some folks clean up after their dogs and some don't.


With Halloween approaching, Lauren has been thinking about something that scares everybody.

Wilmington – [Click the LISTEN button to hear Lauren's commentary.]


The distinctive voice of poet Andrei Codrescu is often heard on NPR’s All Things Considered, but he’ll be coming to Wilmington for a number of engagements in November.


VA Reaches Out To LGBTQ Vets

2 hours ago

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Few species manipulate their surroundings enough to make big ecological changes. Humans are one. Beavers are another.

Mexican actor Diego Luna first shot to fame in the United States after 2001's Y Tu Mamá También. Since then, he's starred in a handful of blockbusters — including, recently, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — and he's about to play the leader of a drug cartel in the upcoming season of Netflix's Narcos.

Luna could have happily continued to live a successful life in Hollywood, but he missed Mexico. At a café near his kids' school in Mexico City, he explains why.

On March 16, 2017, Albino Quiroz Sandoval popped out of the house around 5 p.m. for a little trip to the shop. The 71-year-old lives in Tepoztlán, a small colonial town with little crime, a weekend getaway from hectic Mexico City. Quiroz had been a public school teacher for 48 years. Everyone knows him.

By 8 p.m., he wasn't home. His family grew worried. His son Juan Carlos Quiroz, who was a 90-minute drive away in Mexico City, got a frantic call from his sister.

"We didn't know what to do," Juan Carlos recalls. "My sister and I thought it could be a kidnapping."

Some Animals Switching To Nocturnal Life

2 hours ago

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