GenX: GOP Senators Offer New Legislation

Four Republican Senators in North Carolina have introduced new legislation, to make available a network of scientists and other resources, to focus on water quality in the state. Senator Michael Lee of New Hanover County says the bill creates no additional cost to taxpayers.

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Have you signed up? Pete has, but says the ruling doesn't go far enough.

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Gary remembers when, as a child in the South, segregation suddenly seemed so wrong.

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Hope springs eternal, and charity begins at home. But the third spiritual principle can be a bit more elusive.

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Faith. So many people say faith eludes them. In just this last week, no fewer than three people said they either didn't have faith, didn't understand it at all?or simply that faith was irrelevant to their life.

Perhaps we have faith all wrong. We think it something we have to come up with. We have to "have faith."

Ede has never been much of an auto-enthusiast,but a recent discovery has "sparked" a renewed interest.

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When the Woods are out for a drive, theres no telling what might interupt them.

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Between the Red Elephants and the Blue Donkeys, a puppeteer like Lauren might do well in politics.

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Wally has had trouble buying groceries with the new twenty dollar bill.

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There I stood in the checkout at a local grocery store, ready to kill something.

In this Postcard from the Digital Age we're going to talk about those crisp, colorful new twenty dollar bills.

Richard's favorite new band is a well-kept secret no longer.

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All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. Meet one who is.

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Andy recently enjoyed a reunion with an autumn animal he first met some three decades ago.

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The Court of Arbitration for Sport says its secretary general, Matthieu Reeb, will announce a decision Friday morning on last-minute appeals by 47 Russian athletes and coaches to participate in the Winter Olympics.

The Swiss-based court's "ad hoc" division in Pyeongchang says it will announce its decision in the cases involving 45 athletes and two coaches at 11 a.m. local time, just nine hours before the Olympics' opening ceremonies.

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When the Eagles clinched their first-ever Super Bowl victory on Sunday — that will always feel wild to say — my friends and I joined the joyful, inebriated throngs in a spontaneous pilgrimage to Philadelphia's City Hall. And at Thursday's championship parade, you'd likely hear many of the same full-throated chants that we heard right after the win. The Eagles fight song, obviously.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he will offer a national apology to victims of institutional child sexual abuse before the end of the year.

It comes after a five-year investigation by a government commission found that 7 percent of Catholic priests allegedly sexually abused children between 1950 and 2010.

Arthur Jones is a racist, denies the Holocaust happened, and will likely be the only Republican on the ballot for a Chicago-area congressional seat in November.

The state GOP has denounced Jones and his candidacy, but says it had no way to stop him.

"We've tried to do everything we possibly could to prevent this person from getting on the ballot," Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider said.

Jones is not new to the scene in the predominantly Democratic district that includes parts of Chicago and its south suburbs.

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