Women Organizing for Wilmington

Local - April 7
5:00 am
Tue April 8, 2014

WOW Moves its Protest Site to Wilmington Hobby Lobby

WOW's supporters included 25 sign-bearing, local women's rights activists and humanists.

This week marks the fortieth consecutive Monday lunch-hour protest of Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW*. Since last summer, this grassroots group has been championing women’s rights and public education causes on a weekly basis, whether outside Senator Goolsby’s downtown office, or before the New Hanover County courthouse. But, WOW* has now left downtown altogether--to protest outside the Hobby Lobby at Hanover Center.

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Local - July 30
11:14 am
Tue July 30, 2013

WOW Protesters Not Going Away Following Passage of Controversial Bills Concerning Abortion

Protesters say downtown Wilmington's historic courthouse offers a more public demonstration space than the sidewalk outside state Senator Thom Goolsby's office.

Although the North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned, the grassroots group, Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW, will maintain its weekly schedule of protesting against local legislators’ support of recent bills that would tighten restrictions on abortion. Despite passage of the controversial legislation in state House and Senate, local demonstrators say they’ll voice their discord until the next state elections.

"Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby! Shame on Goolsby!"

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Local-July 19, 2013
4:14 pm
Fri July 19, 2013

Goolsby Comments on WOW's Monday Protests

Protesters lining up outside the downtown Wilmington law office of North Carolina senator Thom Goolsby

Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW, will stage its third weekly protest outside the downtown law office of State Senator Thom Goolsby on Monday at noon. The pink-bedecked grassroots group still intends to rally against recent legislature that would tighten restrictions on North Carolina abortion clinics. Goolsby, who has been absent from the previous protests, is urging protesters to learn more about what they’re fighting for.

"Not you, not the state! Let women decide their fate! Not you, not the state! Let women decide their fate!"

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Local - 07/12/2013
4:28 pm
Fri July 12, 2013

Pro-Choice Protesters Will Return to Goolsby's Office

Along with picket signs, protesters brought motorcycles and helmets along to WOW's second protest, which took place outside Senator Thom Goolsby's office on Monday, July 15.

Protests outside the Wilmington law office of State Senator Thom Goolsby are going to continue – at least for the near-term.  Last Monday, protestors rallied to contest the Republican senator’s support of abortion restrictions. After Thursday’s passage of Senate Bill 353, members of the group behind the protest--Women Organizing for Wilmington, or WOW—say they’re determined to demonstrate every Monday.

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