Representative Susi Hamilton

Representative Susi Hamilton

Changing the sales tax distribution formula has been on the General Assembly’s agenda since the start of this summer’s long session. As it winds to a close, where does this proposal stand? WHQR spoke with Representative Susi Hamilton, a Democrat from New Hanover County, about the history of sales tax distribution and its status in the North Carolina legislature.    

This broadcast of CoastLine originally aired on January 7, 2015. 

North Carolina lawmakers head back to Raleigh January 14th to elect House and Senate leaders.  

Governor Pat McCrory is already naming economic incentives as his number one priority this session -- just as Mercedes-Benz announces plans to locate in Atlanta thanks to millions of dollars in incentives from Georgia.

On this edition of CoastLine, Representatives Ted Davis and Susi Hamilton of New Hanover County join us to shine a light on this year’s agenda.

As North Carolina legislators gear up for a new session, Governor Pat McCrory says economic incentives are his Number One priority.   

As state legislators continue to hammer out the budget, citizens of all political persuasions are awaiting word on the fate of this region’s bustling film business. And that’s why this morning, a contingent of officials and residents from the Wilmington area gathered in Raleigh’s legislative building to plead with lawmakers to extend the current film incentive tax credits—instead of switching to a grant program, which they say would eliminate jobs. But rather than demonstrating film’s bona fides within the Cape Fear region, local lawmakers focused on its statewide benefits.

Billy Hathorn

Film incentives are the ticket to keeping more than four-thousand full-time jobs in the state.  That was a central theme Wednesday morning in Raleigh during a press conference where state and city leaders, film industry workers, and industry supporters gathered to celebrate Film Day at the General Assembly. 

Joshua Doubek

A bill that would allow hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina is racing through Chambers during this short session of the General Assembly. 

The question of whether competitive film incentives continue in North Carolina will be answered by the end of the current short session of the General Assembly. 

Billy Hathorn

North Carolina lawmakers are haggling over how – and whether -- to preserve a now-controversial tax credit for the film industry. 

Local Legislators Support Higher Teacher Pay

Feb 4, 2014

North Carolina’s public schoolteachers have a new advocate. The group Aim Higher N.C. formed last year around a single objective: Raising educators’ salaries to match the national average. On Monday, affiliated teachers and parents gathered for a rally at Wilmington’s downtown library. And the mission has already gained local legislative support.

Representative Susi Hamilton

North Carolina Representative Susi Hamilton, a Democrat from New Hanover County, is now stepping away from her recently-accepted position as Carolina Beach’s Town Manager. 

A newly-uncovered state statute means Hamilton cannot hold both her seat in the General Assembly and the full-time job as Carolina Beach Town Manager.  Hamilton says she acted on good faith accepting the position – fully expecting to serve both the municipality and District 18.  But what Hamilton calls an “obscure” state law requires her to resign from her seat in the state House if she serves as town manager in a municipality with more than 3-thousand people.

Hamilton says this new information changes her decision.   And because of the November election,  there’s a great deal more that she says she expects to do on behalf of her constituency – which is made up of parts of New Hanover and Brunswick Counties.  Battles involving women, minorities, children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and teachers are fights that Hamilton says she will continue to fight. 


North Carolina Representative Susi Hamilton, a Democrat from New Hanover County, has accepted a new, full-time position.