Figure Eight Island

3:51 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

CoastLine: Are Terminal Groins Key to the Expensive Problem of Shoreline Management?

Terminal groins are hardened structures designed to control the movement of sand and slow erosion on beaches. 

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11:45 am
Tue March 10, 2015

Local Coastal Communities Come Closer to Terminal Groin Permitting; Environmentalists Raise Concerns

Example of a Terminal Groin

Terminal groins are hardened structures that jut into the ocean with the aim of preventing beach erosion. The construction of one is in progress, and three other local coastal communities are pursuing permits. Yet oceanfront officials and environmentalists disagree on the costs and benefits.

An amendment to the Coastal Area Management Act allows for up to four new terminal groins in North Carolina, and all four projects are slated for the Cape Fear region.

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4:05 pm
Tue August 13, 2013

Terminal Groin Opponents Say Figure Eight Process Should be Re-Started, Re-Opened to Public Input

An aerial view of Rich Inlet at Figure Eight Island
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The decision to issue a permit for a terminal groin at the northern end of Figure Eight Island will be closely watched by environmentalists and three other nearby island communities – who are each hoping for their own erosion-control device.

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3:02 pm
Fri July 19, 2013

Figure Eight Island awaits state decision on terminal groin requirements

northern end of Figure Eight Island from Rich Inlet
Dr. Robert Parr

Update: The Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013 has passed its second reading in the House.

This article was modified to reflect a correction.  The cap on the number of terminal groins allowed in the state, according to the most recent version of the Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013, is four.

Today, state leaders in the House could consider a bill that would ease financial requirements for beach communities looking to install a terminal groin.

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