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In honor of  artist, educator and WHQR commentator's Claude Howell's 100th Birthday we have been saluting him with clips from his commentaries. Check out this rather thrilling commentary, in which he describes his arrest in Paris. 

Artist, educator and WHQR commentator Claude Howell was born 100 years ago this week. Howell played key roles in establishing UNCWilmington's art department and the Cameron Art Museum, where a celebration of his life is scheduled tomorrow night at 7 PM. We've been celebrating with some of Claude's WHQR Commentaries this week on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  

An icon of Wilmington's arts community, Claude Howell was born 100 years ago today. From an early age, Howell expressed a deep love for his hometown, drawing and painting people and scenes from town to coast. Howell also recorded several stories at WHQR about his days as a Wilmington youth. In honor of Howell's birthday and his great contribution to the Wilmington community,  WHQR will be airing his commentaries all week long during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Here is one that takes us back to his boyhood clubhouse...

Commentator Nan Graham offers us a witty commentary on the trials and tribulations of baby-sitting her grand-dog Buster, comparing him to such old-timey icons as Lillian Gish and Truman Capote. 

The Cherry Orchard

Feb 25, 2015

Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler discusses the relevance of the classic play "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov and the importance of trying to find a connection between the past and the present. 

Hello Soup

Jan 27, 2015

Commentator Annie Gray Johnston describes how she dealt with a dental dilemma on Christmas Eve. Instead of Santa Claus, her family needed a visit from the Tooth Fairy. 

Gwenyfar Rohler

Simple and meaningful holiday memories by Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler. 

Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler loves the classics, reading, and managing an independent bookstore in Downtown Wilmington.

WHQR Commentaries don't necessarily reflect the views of WHQR Radio, its editorial staff, or its members.

Sweater Girl

Dec 18, 2014
Fidias Reyes

Many have a festive Christmas look when we go out and about: Sprig of holly the lapel, Christmas tree earrings or Christmas jingle bells as a necklace.  Our furry four legged friends are sporting seasonal apparel too.  Or a least some of them are, says commentator Nan Graham.

Nan Graham's WHQR commentaries can be found in her books, Turn South at the Next Magnolia and In a Magnolia Minute. 

WHQR Commentaries don't necessarily reflect the views of WHQR Radio, its editorial staff, or its members.

Swamp Fox

Dec 9, 2014

During a recent walk in a Brunswick county forest, commentator Andy Wood was entertained and amused by the hunting antics of a swamp fox.

Andy Wood is an author, ecologist, and award-winning environmental educator.


Income Inequality

Dec 2, 2014

Fresh Voices on Air commentator, Alexei Affemann contemplates the issue of income inequality.

Alexei Affemann is 17 years old and attends Hoggard High School.  He aspires to become an aerospace engineer.  Alexei is passionate about travelling and watching documentaries.  He volunteers with Beta Club and is a junior volunteer at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. 

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