(c) The Healing Force

Every winter, WHQR celebrates Kwanzaa with the program Season's Griot. This week, in honor of the summer solstice, Arts Reporter Megan Williams brings us another taste of African storytelling, with the group The Healing Force.

Hampstead, NC – The Healing Force is the creation of the Anderson family group out of Winston-Salem. For sixteen years they?ve sought out African stories to tell in their unique, musical fashion.

The yellow pages have more than 40 listings for 'galleries' in Wilmington. But there's a lot of turnover on that roster. WHQR's Megan Williams looks at the tough business of selling art...

On the shore of Lake Waccamaw, commentator Ede Baldridge recently found the perfect reason for a party.

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about memorable people and places around the southeast.

Ants on the Beach

Jun 19, 2006

Commentator Andy Wood was on the beach last week following that period of unsettled weather, and discovered a world view while walking the beach's tidal strand line.

Wilmington, NC – Andy Wood is education director for Audubon North Carolina

Gardening commentator Barbara Sullivan has two ideas for an environmentally friendly garden: a rain garden and butterly garden

Wilmington, NC – Barbara Sullivan works and gardens in historic downtown Wilmington.

(c) Aquarium at Fort Fisher

With school out and summer here, local beaches are filling up with relaxation-seekers. But many who come to take in the sand and waves miss one of the region's most unique geologic features. WHQR's Megan Williams visited the rocky outcrop at Carolina Beach, and brought back this audio postcard...

(c) The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg

Copyright law, grant writing skills, tax preparation -- even starving artists need some business sense these days. WHQR's Megan Williams recently visited a workshop in Wilmington which tried to add some left-brain skills to local artists' right-brain lifestyles.

Wilmington, NC – A more reader-friendly version of this script will be posted later today.


When a band of severe lightening storms passed through the area a few weeks back. Commentator Andy Wood found himself spellbound by the light show.

Wilmington, NC – Andy Wood is education director for Audubon North Carolina.

Commentator Ede Baldridge says she's ready to play ball in a Robeson County town rich in baseball history

Wilmington, NC – Ede Baldridge writes about memorable people and places in the southeast.

The newly-released final report on the 1898 riots has on its cover a photo of rioters pausing in front of a burning building. The picture, a rare glimpse into those chaotic days, is one of four recently donated to the New Hanover County Library. WHQR's Megan Williams looked through the photos with Special Collections librarian Beverly Tetterton...