Tom Morris has written more than 20 books – most of which distill ancient wisdom from the Greek and Roman philosophers into practical ideas for living in the modern world.  Some of the titles you might recognize:  If Aristotle

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On the corner of Market and Third Streets, at the entrance to downtown Wilmington, there is a statue of George Davis.  He was the last Confederate Attorney General.  Third Street near Dock boasts a monument to soldiers of the Confederacy.

The StarNews recently wrote about streets in Wilmington’s Pine Valley neighborhood that are named after Confederate officers.  The namesakes include General Robert E. Lee, Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest, John D. Barry.

On the next CoastLine, we’ll sit down with Tom Morris, well-known modern philosopher and pioneering business thinker. He’s the author of 20 books, including If Aristotle Ran General Motors.  What are the keys to success in your personal and professional life?

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The U.S. Department of Justice has visited Wilmington in response to at least two violent incidents between members of law enforcement and the community.  During those visits, DOJ officials evaluated local law enforcement practices and policies.  That scrutiny is occurring all across the United States, as it seems new cell phone videos showing excessive use of force by police – with people of color usually on the receiving end – seem to pop up with astonishing frequency.

On the next CoastLine, Confederate memorials are scattered throughout Wilmington. What stories do they tell about our local history, and how do these reminders of the past affect our everyday life. We discuss with UNCW history professor Dr. Monica Gisolfi and Gareth Evans, Execitive Director of the Bellamy Mansion.

Listener Margee Herring wrote: "As you consider programming to fill aging programs (enough with Car Talk!), or retired programs (Prairie Home) or repetitive programming … , please give thought to introducing a less-than-accessible perspective. Several years ago, NPR conducted its own "voice audit" and recognized that its voices-of-color were frequently less than ethnic-sounding, and thus, began its code-switch programming in earnest. As communities re-consider our country's progress, or lack thereof, in race relations, an authentic and accessible black perspective would valuable.

CoastLine: Real Estate in the Cape Fear Region

Jul 28, 2016
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We all know that the Wilmington area, including the housing market, suffered through the Great Recession 8 years ago. For many people, home values have climbed back up in the last few years. And all it takes is a drive around the area to see new construction in many areas, such as South 17th Street and Kerr Avenue in Wilmington, lifestyle communities in Brunswick county and elsewhere, and more. 



A 2015 assessment of cities in North Carolina with a population of 10,000 or more ranked Wilmington second after Asheville for crashes.  For every one minute a freeway lane is blocked due to a crash incident, four minutes of travel time are added.  About 30% of all crashes are secondary crashes -- caused after the initial crash -- possibly due to a sudden stop, distracted driving, or rubber-necking.  Those statistics are courtesy of Jessi Leonard, Division Traffic Engineer for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. 

On the next CoastLine, we’ll take a look at recent real estate trends, including the uptick in apartment developments and the buyer’s market for luxury homes.


On the next CoastLine, summer brings tourists and tourists bring traffic. We’ll talk with Karen Collette, North Carolina Department of Transportation Division Engineer, and Denys Vielkanowitz, Signal Systems Management Engineer, about how they manage the flow and what projects are on the horizon to relieve some of the congestion.