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The Splendid Table is a culinary, culture, and lifestyle one-hour program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Lynne Rossetto Kasper leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights.

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"We don't really think about it, but the history of cheddar has really affected American cheesemaking in general, and also just the food system itself in the U.S.," says cheesemonger Gordon Edgar, author of Cheddar.

Pati Jinich: What I want to know is why cheddar?

Gordon Edgar (Photo: Myleen Hollero)

Windham Hill

"The quality of the meat and the flavor of the meat has a lot to do with what that animal is eating," says Jennifer Milikowsky, founder of Walden Hill. The New England-based company sells pork finished with acorns collected from rural, suburban and urban areas.

How to select a supermarket that is worthy of you

Jan 22, 2016
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Steve Jenkins is vice president of Fairway Group Services at New York's Fairway market.

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"Pinterest is really where I go to find a new recipe and to then keep track of it for the future," says Emily Fleischaker, creative director of BuzzFeed Life. "I don't have a recipe box in my kitchen anymore. I have Pinterest folders that I keep recipes in."

Noelle Carter: How has our consumption of food content changed over the years?

Emily Fleischaker

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"The more I thought about the things that I was eating that I loved, the more I realized that they all followed these laws," says chef Justin Warner, author of The Laws of Cooking.

He shared his recipes for Foie Gras Doughnut Holes and Better Tomorrow Vegan Chili.

3 ideas for using guava paste

Jan 15, 2016

A friend who visits his family in Puerto Rico brought me a 1-pound tin of guava paste as a gift. It's very good with cheese. But since there's so much of it, I'm looking for other ways to use it.

I've had it about 6 months. How long does it keep?

It should still be fine. Guava paste is rather like fruit leather -- it's very dense and sweet. It's really beautiful stuff.

Try arranging alternate slices of guava paste and slices of good cream cheese on a small plate and drizzle on some guava juice if you have it.

Madhur Jaffrey: 'Nobody can be an expert on Indian food'

Jan 8, 2016
Christopher Hirsheimer

"Every time you go into a little crevice of India, you find a new cuisine," says Madhur Jaffrey, author of Vegetarian India.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper: I lost count quite a while ago of all the books you've written. You've talked about vegetarian eating before. What brought you back to the subject with this one?

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"A lot of people think that a vegan meal is going to be a white, bland, squishy piece of tofu," says chef Tal Ronnen of the Los Angeles restaurant Crossroads. He is author of a book by the same name.

The Jemima Code

Toni Tipton-Martin is the author of The Jemima Code, which presents 150 rare black cookbooks dating to 1827. "The idea that these cookbooks stand as a representation for so, so many others that didn't have the ability to record what they were doing is pretty phenomenal," she says.

(Pictured above: The Farmer Jones Cook Book, issued by Fort Scott Sorghum Syrup Company, Kansas, 1914, 26 pages.)

'Fondue is all about the formula'

Jan 8, 2016
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Writer Tim Neville traveled to Switzerland to learn about fondue from the masters. "The key formula -- and fondue is all about the formula -- is 200 grams of cheese per person," he says. He wrote "Rites of the Caquelon" for Ski Magazine.

He shared The Fondue Manifesto and a recipe for 007 Fondue.