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Can America weather a cyber attack on its power grid?

15 hours ago
David Brancaccio, Beidi Zhang and Shana Daloria

In his new book called "Lights Out," veteran journalist Ted Koppel looks at the potential for mayhem by exploring  what might happen to America's electric power grid after a strategically placed computer hack. We think of a blackout being a couple days, but what if it were weeks or months?  

Auto sales figures expected to cheer automakers

15 hours ago
Andy Uhler

Historically, December was the time to buy a new car. Nowadays, more and more automakers are getting into the Black Friday promotions game. They’re trying to get consumers to pull the trigger on that big purchase a little earlier. Tim Fleming, Kelley Blue Book analyst, said automakers are simply reacting to the market.

“You always talk about manufacturers producing to demand," he said. "But when sales are so hot right now, you’re seeing everyone start to spend a little more to try to get in while consumers are feeling good about the economy.”

Growing movement to make altruism more effective

15 hours ago
White Williams

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day marks a charitable season in America, and an emerging movement calls for people who give to consider not just how much of their donation gets eaten up by overhead, but also how to make the biggest difference possible in absolute terms.

It’s called effective altruism, with the goal of doing the most good with each dollar spent.

Airing on Tuesday, December 1, 2015: On today's show, we'll talk about a global solar power deal; auto sales; and former ABC News Nightline anchor Ted Koppel about his book “Lights Out."

Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, December 1, 2015

15 hours ago

Airing on Tuesday, December 1, 2015: On today's show, we'll talk about Silicon Valley’s investment in climate change and how it might impact innovation; shopping online via smart phones; and how to get people involved in charity.

North Korea's underground capitalism

Nov 30, 2015
Kai Ryssdal and Brian Ronaghan

The BBC's Steve Evans recently visited North Korea and wrote about the changes he saw in the country and its people. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal sat down to talk about what he encountered. 

Click the above audio player to hear the full interview. 


Kim Adams

Adele’s new album “25” debuted at No. 1 with the most sales in a week since Nielsen began tracking point-of-sale purchases back in 1991.

People in the music industry are certainly excited, but the marketing machine that is Adele might not work for all artists. Adele is an anomaly, said Cara Duckworth Weiblinger of the Recording Industry Association of America

Got an invention? Head to your regional patent office

Nov 30, 2015
Lauren Silverman

For the first time since it opened in 1790, the United States Patent and Trademark Office is expanding outside of Washington, D.C. The agency – which has a team of more than 8,000 patent examiners – has established regional offices in four cities across the United States, including Dallas.

For many inventors, it’s magical when an idea becomes a number. For Dallas entrepreneur, Peter Bastawros, the number was 9138638. And the idea? Bring technology to the very traditional game of golf. 

Marketplace for Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

World leaders and billionaires commit to clean energy at the U.N. climate change summit; China joins the "grown-ups table" at the IMF; and how Adele's record-breaking album is defying market trends in the music industry.

China's currency joins the IMF's elite

Nov 30, 2015
Mark Garrison

China’s renminbi will sit alongside the currencies of America, the European Union, Japan and Britain in the International Monetary Fund’s basket of currencies. This is something China has wanted for a while and it has been making some changes to get it in recent years. Monday’s move by the IMF puts a new spotlight on lingering shortcomings in the openness and transparency of China’s financial system, while raising questions as to how much this move can really change things.