Midday Interviews

John Timmerman

John Timmerman has collected shells since childhood. This weekend, Timmerman is directing the North Carolina Shell Show at the Cape Fear Museum, which features thousands of shells from around the world. Timmerman talks about shell collecting above, including the ethics regarding the collection of living shells. Below, Timmerman talks about his contribution to this exhibit. 

NC Shell Show

Denton County

September is National Recovery Month and the Cape Fear Region is celebrating. Mandy Anderson from the Wilmington Treatment Center  is a part of the Cape Fear Recovery Month Coalition, the organization that has been celebrating Recovery Month for 15 years.

Malene Thyssen, wikimedia commons

Tim Mathews, Horticulturalist with the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension, and Jan Broadfoot, President of the Pender County Master Gardener Association,  joined us to talk about plants. This weekend (9/16-17) is the Pender County Master Gardener Plant Sale. A list of the vendor-provided plants can be found online: Perennials & Natives plus Shrubs, Trees, Grasses, Vines, Ferns. Additionally, the Master Gardeners will bring a selection of surprises. 

Forward Motion Dance presents its annual collaborative showcase this weekend-Cape Fear Arts in Motion: Duets, Pirouettes, and Vignettes. Director of the show, Tracey Varga, joined us in the studio and we mainly talked about the live music element. A flute trio, violinist Danijela Zezelj-Gualdi, and soprano Nancy King are performing with the dancers, plus Julia Walker Jewell is playing an original piano piece called The Dance of the Coin. Listen above to hear about how Varga approached choreography for this piece and Jewell's intention with it.

Tuesday, 9/13 is WHQR Day (notice how 9/13 is a lot like 91.3). On Tuesday morning, Mayor Bill Saffo will make a proclamation on the air, and WHQR hopes listeners will show support by wearing WHQR buttons, stickers, and/or t-shirts.

Pineapple Shaped Lamps (PSL) has been making Wilmington audiences laugh for 6 years now. The group has really grown over the years, as you'll hear from Devin DeMattia. He's been with the troupe since the start. DiMattia joined us in the studio to talk about PSL history and the 6th Anniversary Show, hosted by local actor/director Adrian Monte and featuring both new skits and old favorites.

Wave Transit received a government grant to improve transportation services to people over the age of 65 and people with disabilities. Wave Transit is distributing some of these funds to local organizations to help increase these services. Eligible organizations can be non-profit, governmental, or private businesses; the main thing is that they can provide new transportation options. 

Vanessa Lacer, the Mobility Manager at Wave, joined us in the studio to talk about how groups can apply to receive funding through this community grant program. Listen to our interview above for more information. And stay tuned-we'll speak with Lacer in November to find out who the grant recipients are.

Myrna Brown had a story locked in her heart and mind for over 4 decades. She finally wrote and published that story last summer at the age of 70: Of Unseen Things Above.

Movement Works

The inaugural Carolina Soul Festival in Calabash features traditional and alternative practitioners of health care, nutrition, exercise, elder care, and more with a variety of vendors and demonstrations. Musicians include The Christine Martinez Band, Justin Cody Fox Trio, and Selah Dubb. Belly dancing, kirtans, circus arts, yoga, and even a psychic or two will be there to "promote, not only exercise, but movement, music, and art a s a path to prevention, healing, and happiness," according to the director, Nancy Smith.

Cameron Art Museum has held the Kids@CAM program for 10 years now. Last year, the Museum partnered for the 1st time with ACCESS of Wilmington, the organization that manages Miracle Field, making sports and recreation accessible for people with disabilities.