The Summer Series from the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival has drawn greater crowds than expected-a great "problem" to have. A screening of the final double feature, Bad Faith and Aya, has been added to give more people the opportunity to see these award-winning shorts; screening times are now 3:00 and 7:00 on Thursday, 8/25. 

Thalian Association begins the new Red Barn Studio Theatre season on Thursday, August 11. The first show of the season is The Mercy Seat, a play by contemporary playwright Neil LaBute. Local actor and director Anthony Lawson is directing the show, and while Lawson is often associated with comedy, this show is not funny. It's set in New York City on September 12, 2001.

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Ballroom dancing goes back to at least the end of the 16th century according to written records. It seems dancing of one kind or another is popular in every culture that exists or ever existed. Ballroom and Social dancing are incredibly diverse, pulling from all the corners of the world: Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Polka Hustle....on and on. 

Billy Hathorn (Own Work), CC-BY-SA-3.0, 07/30/2012

When the Confederate flag was removed from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse last year, it ignited a discussion in the American South about the role of Confederate memorialization.  But while there may be local discussions about removing Confederate monuments, it would take an act of North Carolina’s General Assembly to do so. 

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Meditation has long been lauded for its healing, peaceful and rejuvenation properties. WHQR Commentator takes us through the calm that comes from cultivating stillness.

Philip Gerard is the author of eleven documentary scripts, numerous short stories and essays, and ten books, including his new novel, The Dark of the Island. He teaches in the Creative Writing Department at UNC Wilmington.

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If you've ever wondered what a meeting between political comedian/atheist Bill Maher and religious leader Pope Francis would look like, Skip Maloney has done the imagining for you. 

Well, it must be karma. Just as in the last couple of weeks we have been celebrating out new AudioVault control software, another problem reared its head. A couple of weeks ago we started noticing and receiving reports of poor performance on our Classical HQR signal (92.7 in Wilmington, 102.3 in Myrtle Beach). People heard distortion in loud music and overall weak signal resulting from our attempting to solve the problem by lowering the music volume. For example, Joanne Purnell wrote: "Makes me sad not to be able to listen to my classical music in the car. / "Parks and Recreation"

I’ve got an appetite for radio and not just in the metaphorical sense. My appetite is literal. In the same vein as the overused joke of “having a face for radio,” apparently I’ve got the stomach for it too. Since arriving at WHQR, I’ve been filled with constant indulges in local culture and news, but there’s a big part of the piece that doesn’t carry through to the airwaves.

Listen up ladies: If you have even an inkling of attraction to comedy, Blaire Postman wants you to give it a shot. This comedian says there just aren't enough women coming out to Open Mic Nights in Wilmington, so she's holding a 4-week Stand-Up Comedy Class to prepare you. If you just want to get a feel for the comedy community, there is a no-obligation Women in Comedy Panel, featuring women who do stand-up, improv, sketch comedy, and book shows at comedy clubs.

What's on your grocery list? Eggs, milk, bread, and maybe a glass of wine while you're aisle-bound.