Filmmaking has been a big part of the Cape Fear region for years. The Cape Fear Museum in downtown Wilmington is giving a nod to the film industry with a special exhibit called Starring Cape Fear!, featuring over 100 items from a selection of movies and tv shows, spanning from the 1984 film Firestarter to the current tv series Sleepy Hollow.

The Sea Notes Choral Society is performing its summer concert, American Patriot, at the end of this month, on Saturday and Sunday, June 25th and 26th.  The show is directed by the Sea Notes' new director, Lois Moore, who has brought new challenges to the singers. This concert promises to be something new for this group after 42 years of performing.  

Bonnie Monteleone

When you use a disposable diaper, some scientists would tell you the plastic in that diaper actually stays in the environment for hundreds of years.  The plastic bag you brought home from the grocery store?  Estimates vary, but some put the number of years it takes to decompose as high as one thousand.  Whether those numbers are accurate or more research needs to be done doesn’t change what we know about how plastics are showing up in oceans all over the world – and not only harming marine life – but becoming part of the human food chain. 

Kids Making It

Kids Making It is holding its Annual Breakfast on Tuesday, June 21st at the Coastline Convention Center by the river on Nutt Street. The Building Kids Up Breakfast is a fundraiser, but it doesn't cost a dime to attend.

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  North Carolina’s state legislature passed HB2 earlier this year, otherwise known as the “Bathroom Bill”, and unwittingly launched a broader, national conversation about how public policy impacts minorities – specifically people who are transgender.  Performers canceled concerts, companies shelved plans to move to or expand in North Carolina, and revenue from tourism dropped. 

Jim Downey

Jim Downey had a career as a scientific glassblower, creating glass components for electronics applications in Princeton, New Jersey. After 30 years, Jim retired from scientific glasswork and shifted his focus to glass art.  He works in miniatures-particularly holiday ornaments, jewelry, statuettes-even glass straws and stirrers. Each month, Jim's creations are put toward charity with an open house sale at Jim Downey Glass  with 10% of revenue going to local non-profits.

What is the perfect time to read The Grapes of Wrath? What about The Catcher in the Rye? This week Commentator Gwenyfar Rohler reminds us that the same book can offer a vastly different experience depending on who we are when we read it.

Wilmington Symphonic Winds (WSW) performs its final concert of the 2015-16 season on Father's Day at 7:00 pm at Kenan Auditorium. Music From Around the World features Italian, French, Russian, Cuban, and American pieces conducted by Dr. John LaCognata.